Increase Your Team’s Productivity

By Renae Oswald-Anderson, Partner Creating high performing teams doesn’t just happen. They are a result of the leader or supervisor knowing the skills and talents of individual contributors and then working to create an environment of shared accountability and commitment to the mission of the organization. Teams that have passion and purpose accomplish great things on behalf of the organization. Engaged employees drive innovation and move the organization forward. In the meantime, individual contributors are developing and honing their skills as the next generation of leaders.

High performing teams have a spirit of cooperation, trust, and a willingness to disagree in a healthy and respectful manner. They work together to collectively advance the mission of the organization. As the leader, you are establishing the direction for your team’s goals as well as setting overall implementation strategy. Aligning your team’s goals with the strategic goals of the organization is critical to success up and down the organization.

Your team of individual contributors and/or managers can then create a workplan for themselves or their unit. This provides you with a tool that measures progress towards goal. During future team meetings or 1:1 meetings with direct reports, you as the leader have a starting place for ongoing follow-up and monitoring of progress. Never forget to celebrate the group’s accomplishments when a specific team goal is met. Often in our hurry or with a heavy workload we don’t take the time to celebrate our accomplishments. Employee appreciation acknowledges everyone’s contributions and sets the tone for the energy needed to tackle the next challenge. Since spring has arrived, celebrate with an ice cream treat at your next team meeting.

As a leader, it’s important not to lose sight that you are one person—you can only accomplish so much compared to harnessing the collective talent and passion of your entire team. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you are developing the next generation of leaders.