We do Leadership Transitions.

We specialize in leadership transitions & turnarounds.

We understand that changes in top-management can be difficult and often result in high anxiety for staff and boards.

Our experienced team members work to rally staff behind a common purpose, helping your organization build a strong foundation, pave the way for new leadership and implement new capacities.

+ Organizational Assessment

We provide a variety of trainings and assessment tools during times of leadership change, designed to measure and improve both individual and organizational effectiveness. These trainings are customized to each team. We will help you identify areas of strengths and opportunities for growth by taking a step back and assessing all angles of your organization.

Identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement

SCC’s consultants will facilitate an organizational effectiveness assessment to help your organization identify areas of strengths as well as opportunities for growth by reviewing and assessing all aspects of the organization, including program offerings, administration and leadership.


  • Full assessment of programmatic and administrative process.
  • Facilitation of stakeholder focus groups with staff, board members, and outside agencies to determine organization's position, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Via interviews and data collection, assessment results will identify:
    • Mission, vision, and strategy
    • Governance and leadership
    • Talent management
    • Program delivery and impact
    • Internal operations
    • Finance
    • Gaps in administrative process
    • Organizational structure recommendations
    • Organizational life cycle stage
  • Recommendations to improve organization's administrative processes, organizational functionality and identified areas of potential growth
  • Recommendations for organizational systems to support identified areas of organizational improvement initiatives and related implementation costs

+ Interim Leadership

As on-site interim leaders, we come into your organization for a defined period of time and provide a thorough and honest assessment of the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. We then make recommendations and implement changes for future growth and stability – including the creation of a candidate profile for the new Executive Director.

We provide stability for your organization

  • Lead transition committee with board and staff
  • Develop communication plan for transition process
  • Provide fiscal and legal oversight
  • We complete a leadership agenda for the incoming leadership
  • Define agency vision for customers and community impact
  • Specify board development changes needed to achieve strategic direction
  • Specify programmatic and administrative capacity changes needed to achieve strategic directions
  • Identify the changes to be addressed by the interim director and/or upgrades the new executive will take on as priorities when hired

How we do it

  • Creating balance through authentic leadership
  • Focusing on improved communication
  • Identifying leadership priorities
  • Stimulating teamwork and staff leadership
  • Observing, listening and questioning
  • Facilitating an organizational assessment
  • Identifying capacity building goals

+ Executive search

We will help you recruit individuals to fill senior leadership positions within your organization. As interim executive directors, we work collaboratively with the board, staff, community and stakeholders throughout the search process. We'll help you find the right fit for your organization.

Overview of the executive search process

The process usually takes three to six months and involves:

  • Leading executive search committee
  • Establishing performance priorities for the new executive director
  • Creating candidate profile, job announcement and job description
  • Creating interview process and timeline
  • Managing the selection process: serving as the first point of contact for applicants, drafting potential interview questions, scheduling interviews for the board, etc.
  • Facilitating leadership assessment for finalist


  • We will help ensure that your new executive is set up for success. Prior to even setting foot into the organization, we prepare new executives by teaching them about the organization, clarifying expectations, jump-starting essential relationships, building an internal team and communicating the leader’s vision.
  • When the executive takes over as the agency’s leader, he or she is ready to move the organization forward and staff feel confident in the leader’s motives and abilities.

SCC came in and assessed what we needed to do, brought stability to the organization, and had a calming effect on the employees, volunteers, and Board of Directors. You guided us through with understanding, encouragement, leadership and helped us in the hiring of our current Executive Director.
— Carol Farley, Board President, White Bear Lake Emergency Food Shelf