We do Professional Consulting.

deep subject matter expertise, strong assessment & analytic skills, and operational know-how.

We specialize in organizational assessment, program design, evaluation services, marketing and communications, operations and business planning, and resource development.

+ Organizational Assessment

We will help you identify areas of strengths and opportunities for growth by taking a step back and assessing all angles of your organization.

Identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement

SCC’s consultants will facilitate an organizational effectiveness assessment to help your organization identify areas of strengths as well as opportunities for growth by reviewing and assessing all aspects of the organization, including program offerings, administration and leadership.

Deliverables include:

  • Full assessment of programmatic and administrative process.
  • Facilitation of stakeholder focus groups with staff, board members, and outside agencies to determine organization's position, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Via interviews and data collection, assessment results will identify:
    • Mission, vision, and strategy
    • Governance and leadership
    • Talent management
    • Program delivery and impact
    • Internal operations
    • Finance
    • Gaps in administrative process
    • Organizational structure recommendations
    • Organizational life cycle stage
  • Recommendations to improve organization's administrative processes, organizational functionality and identified areas of potential growth
  • Recommendations for organizational systems to support identified areas of organizational improvement initiatives and related implementation costs

+ Program Design

We will facilitate discussions with your organization's senior staff and/or board of directors to design and deliver programming, from innovative concept to implementation.

Process, methodology & deliverables

Critical questions to answer during these discussions

  • What are the unmet needs in the community?
  • What is your organization's unique contribution to solving the community need?
  • Who is your organization's audience (market) for the program?
  • What are the overall goals of the program and workshops?
  • How will your organization measure success and determine benchmarks?
  • How will the program contribute to advancing your organization's mission?
  • What are the needed resources to launch the program? (people, space including technology needs, supplies, administrative support, and fee structure)


The SMART goal methodology summarized below will be used to established goals and objectives. The program description will be assessed to see how well the program goals and first-year plan meet SMART criteria:

  • Specific: The “who and what” of program activities.
  • Measurable: Objectives must be specific in order to monitor and measure if a change in knowledge and behavior has taken place.
  • Achievable: Objectives should be attainable with an implementation of your strategies and progress.
  • Realistic: Useful and doable objectives that accurately address the programmatic steps that can be implemented.
  • Time-phased: What is the timeframe that the objective will be implemented and then later achieved?


Program design document that includes the description of the program, explicit goals of the program, program assumptions, measurable outcomes and evaluation goals, including a basic logic and an estimate of resources needed for the first year. This will also include suggestions for the program staff for the successful program implementation from the design and a high-level timeline.

+ Evaluation Services

Impactful programs and services that truly meet community needs just don’t happen by chance. They require a thoughtful and thorough plan with established goals and objectives. Things that are measured matter to the organization.

Measuring mission, impact, and financial performance

We believe that program results are equally as important as monetary results. One measures mission and impact; the other measures financial performance.

The checklist below is part of a larger Organizational Assessment that SCC utilizes with agencies:

+ Marketing & Communications

Marketing and communications is what drives your organization’s presence in the community and among your stakeholders. Effectively communicating about your organization will advance your mission and build awareness in the community.

What we can do for you

Our marketing and communications professionals have a sweet spot for strengthening community-based nonprofits and helping them nurture relationships with their stakeholders.We invest ourselves in identifying the stories and narratives that empower our clients to raise awareness of those they serve and the impact they’re making in the community which is critical for building financial support. What can we do for you?

Our work begins by understanding and exploring your core values and mission. We then supply you with building blocks customized for your needs and to support your success — mission, branding, storytelling, and messaging that is simple yet dynamic and helps inspire others to get involved with your work.

We focus on developing and delivering messaging that connects and engages your various stakeholders, including the following audiences:

  • Clients
  • Donors (and prospective donors)
  • Volunteers
  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Business and community groups
  • General community

Our Marketing & Communications Services

The terms "marketing" and “communications” can mean different things to different people. We can provide you with a full range of marketing and communications services ranging from strategic planning to stakeholder engagement. At Strategic Consulting & Coaching, marketing and communications services include:

  • Strategic communications planning (e.g., identifying goals, strategies, tactics, action steps, measures, evaluation, etc.)
  • Marketing audits (to gauge what’s working, what needs to change and how)
  • Donor, client, volunteer and employee communications
  • Focus groups and surveys (to measure stakeholder perceptions and perspectives)
  • Brand identity concepting, development and management (e.g., logos, campaigns, style guides, photography, etc.)
  • Social media marketing (planning, guidance and content strategy for tools such as blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Market intelligence research/comparative reviews (e.g. review of an entire sector or comparison of selected nonprofits, etc.)
  • Graphic design for print and digital (e.g., flyers, brochures, annual reports, websites, e-newsletters, etc.)
  • Website planning, strategy design and implementation. Ability to build sites in whatever platform the client chooses, or will make suggestions based on client's needs (e.g., Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, GoDaddy, DreamWeaver, Squarespace, Wix, etc.)
  • Media relations and public relations

According to the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, a growing number of nonprofits are moving away from investing in new donor acquisition as a primary goal. Instead, retaining current donors and engaging their communities is becoming increasingly important. Our team is eager to work with you to highlight the value of the work you are doing to serve your clients and strengthen your community. Together, we’ll help you stand out, tell your story and build your success.

+ Operations & Business Planning

Our team will help your organization learn how to use information and insights to guide its core work.

Creating a business plan unique to your organization

SCC consultants work with organizational leaders to create a business plan unique to their organizational needs and life cycle. We facilitate business plans for start-up organizations, mature or declining organizations, or organizations in the midst of turnarounds. We can also work with you to develop a plan for new programs, ventures or initiatives.

Your business plan will identify:

  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Goals
  • Opportunities for success
  • Potential risks
  • Competitive advantages

SCC consultants work with organizational leaders to answer the following:

  • Where are we going?
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • Who will get us there, and by when?
  • How much money and other resources will it take?
  • What are the operational assumptions?
  • What are the future risks?

Typical outline of a business plan:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary
  • People: An overview of the organization’s structure
  • Market opportunities/competitive analysis
  • Programs and services: Overview of implementation
  • Contingencies
  • Financials

+ Resource Development

Resource Development that Fits Your Organization

One size does not fit all organizations, especially when it comes to resource development and fundraising.

SCC helps organizations tell their story with passion and purpose resulting in increased contributions. Board members and leaders can confidently invite others to make an investment in the mission as a result of the three legged stool:

  1. High quality programs and services are essential to advancing your mission, telling your story, and raising money. What is the change you are making in the world?
  2. Program evaluation is central to demonstrating impact. Being good stewards of capital and human resources is important.  As a result of your programs, what really happened within the broader community? Program Evaluation is more than simply counting. Program evaluation helps identify unmet community needs, industry trends, and best practice to ensure your organization’s relevancy. We Measure What Matters!
  3. Communicating results and inviting others to invest in your organization. Do those closest to the organization know the whole story? Can they tell the story to their friends, family, and network? Do they make an annual contribution of money and time and invite others to participate?

Communication is the intersection between what matters most to the donor and your fundraising needs.

How does a particular program fit into societal needs locally and nationally? What is your organization’s relevance and results?

SCC can help you:

  • Identify your organizational lifecycle stage via a comprehensive assessment. There is a great difference between a start-up and a mature organization and what can be expected.
    • Determine fundraising need and capacity based on program and services, governance structure, financial resources, management and administrative systems.
  • Diversify your revenue portfolio and create resource development plans. Establish fundraising goals and strategies that fit your organizational need, size, and capabilities whether it be an annual campaign or a multi-year strategy.
  • Seek grants that align with your mission. SCC has a team of knowledgeable fund development experts and skilled grant writers. We work with you to identify potential sources of funding that align with your mission and needs by creating a grants development plan or even writing the grant for your organization.
    • SCC will increase your organizational capacity with grant seeking tools, schedules, and templates.
  • Offer resource development training for board members and key volunteers, such as "How to Manage a Major Donor Program."
  • Enhance fundraising by providing communications collateral support
    • Create impact reports, newsletters, appeals, and website
  • Conduct feasibility studies and capital campaigns
  • Interim Resource Development Leadership
Strategic Consulting & Coaching helped us develop a sustainable brand strategy that has really elevated our organization. They recommended tools and resources that allow us to do much of the ongoing work ourselves, without having to rely on outside vendors. This is especially critical, as every dollar spent on marketing or communications is a dollar we can’t invest in serving our clients.
— Marketing director, client organization